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National Bestselling Author, Publisher, CEO


Author K. Renee was born and raised in South Carolina, and later relocated, taking her southern charm, to the City of Brotherly Love aka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. K. Renee’s passion lies in penning page-turning Urban Romance novels and sharing them with the masses. Becoming a National Bestselling Author after publishing only three novels, K. Renee continued to be a force in the writing industry and taking the African American Romance genre by storm. To date, K. Renee has published a total of twenty-three novels, twenty-one of which have reached number one on the bestseller charts and have had seventeen of her novels charting in the top fifty at the same time. 


Author K. Renee is the Founder and CEO of K. Renee Publications, and currently has fourteen authors signed under her. K. Renee has not only focused on her own success but has been moved to mentor other authors in the African American Romance genre, assisting them in cultivating their natural talent. Thus, in fulfilling her passion to uplift fellow authors, and share her knowledge, K. Renee Publications came to fruition. Currently, each of the fourteen authors under K. Renee Publications has charted in the top ten of the bestseller's list. K. Renee Publications is vastly growing and making a name for itself.   

Currently enjoying the balance of the fast-paced city life and the relaxed southern vibe, Author K. Renee currently resides in Delaware where she enjoys spending time with her family. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, strong family ties are important to K. Renee. Also having a passion for uplifting women, not only in the writing industry, K. Renee is the Founder of Women’s organization Sisterhood Diary. It is important to K. Renee to share her knowledge, be a positive force in her personal and professional life, and inspire greatness for the next generation.

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